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Posted By Sharon

Today's post was contributed by my youngest son, Jared.  He is a single hard working guy who likes to see his money go as far as it can! 
Final Day of Frugal Tips

1) Hard water and shower head clogged?  Use a ziploc bag filled with vinegar and immerse the shower head in it.  Let it hang for a couple hours, remove the bag and it will work great!

2) Sometimes buying more expensive lunch meat is worth it for the reusable container.  Glass and plastic jars can be used  for storing small items or food.  If the jar has a 'smell', pour bleach in it and let it sit for a couple days to remove leftover smells.

3) Fabric softener and water mixed in a small spray bottle make a quick wrinkle releasing mix.  If you don't have a spray bottle, don't buy an empty one.  Buy one with cleaner for the same price,  Empty the contents in another storage container and have for later use.  Free bottle with cleaner to boot!

4) If food is bland and doesn't have that 'fast food' taste you like , invest in All Spice Seasoning plus others. 'Fast food' has a great taste due to all the spices and condiments used so prepare your own and save not only cash, but have a healthier version.

5) Phone fall in the water? Remove the battery, fill a bag with rice and leave it alone for a few days.  This may not always work but it's worth a try!

Thanks Jared for all your great tips!  I'm so blessed to have children who can think outside the box.  Thank You God for them.

See you at the new site tomorrow!


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