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Posted By Sharon


Frugal Tip 27:  Have you ever noticed your coffee maker is not making your coffee as hot as it did when it was new?  Maybe you have a calcium build up.  When this happens the heat pump in the unit has to work harder and therefore doesn't produce the results you were expecting.  What can you do?  Make a habit (every few months) of cleaning it with vinegar.

Step 1: Fill the coffee pot with white vinegar, put in a new filter and pour the vinegar in the water chamber. Press the 'start' button and allow it to run a full cycle.

Step 2: Once the cycle is complete,  dump the pot and fill it with water.  Run another full cycle.  Toss the water.  Because I'm a little paranoid and defintely do not want my coffee to taste of vinegar, I usually run another pot of plain water through it. 

This not only helps your unit to function better but will extend the life of the coffee pot.  Yay! Another savings! :-)

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Even though we're on the brink of more uncertainty in this country, Jesus says "Never fear"...He will always be with us.  We can't depend on our government but Jesus will never let us down.


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