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Posted By Sharon

A lot has been said about going green but if you pay close attention you'll realize going green in most cases means, doing with less or being conscientious about your actions.  Which is better for the environment, plastic or glass?  If the plastic can be recycled, it could be pretty even.  But did you know that plastics can produce gasses that affect our well being when we use them?  I'm sure you've heard the warnings about using plastic in the microwave....not a good idea.  Did you know the plastic linings in canned foods can expose us to BPA...again not a good thing.  Buying items in glass or storing in glass may not always be less expensive in dollars today but they may save you a bundle in health care down the road. 

There are others ways 'going green' saves us but not always immediately.  Taking cardboard to the recycling center, choosing items with less packaging, canning your own garden goodies, etc. are all ways that may not translate into dollars but yet yield a savings in our landfills, healthcare and more.

Frugal Tip 25: Being a frugalista greenie :-)  may not always save money today but in the future may be priceless.