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Posted By Sharon

Photo Courtesy of Toys in The Dryer


Ready for a weekend of ideas? Here goes!

Frugal Tip 22: What do you do with toilet paper rolls? Trash them? No!  These little babies can be used for many things.  1) Cut them in half, stuff them with dryer lint and you have super fire starters for the fireplace or a campfire. 2) Cut them in half, set on a flat tray, fill with soil and plant your seeds.  Great seed starters! Because the cardboard is biodegradable you can plant these directly into the garden. 3) Cut in various lengths to use as organizers in a drawer. 4) Crafts. Check out Pinterest for some great projects. What other ideas do you have?

Frugal Tip 23: Fabric Softener Sheets. Cut them in 1/2 or 1/3's.  They will still soften your clothes just as well.  After use, they can be used at least one more time as dusting cloths or interfacing for small sewing projects. 

Frugal Tip 24: Cream Rinse.  I accidentally purchased cream rinse...something I don't use so I've been putting it to good use. 1) Shaving my legs. Yep...good softener plus protection.  2) Cleaning water spots off mirrors. Hard to believe but this works.  Just use a little on your cloth and you'll be amazed.  3) Cleaning shower walls and doors.  This removes hard water spots too,  I've also read baby oil does the same thing but I've never tried it.  Be sure to rinse all areas well because if some of the lotion gets on the shower floor, it would be SLICK!

Have a wonderful weekend. Spend time with the Lord and His kids.  You'll feel empowered to face another week and at peace knowing you don't have to handle life's trials alone.


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