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Posted By Sharon

Today's tip should really get you moving....literallly! 

Frugal Tip 21:  If you're like me every few months I want to change something in my home.  Even though it may still be perfectly fine (words from my husband) it begins to have a 'tired' look to me.  I can't afford to go out and purchase new things every few months so this is what I do....I move things. 

Of course the first thing we think of moving is furniture, right?  That works! But what if you don't want to move all that heavy stuff around?  You can move the great things you have hanging on your walls.  Pictures in your living room may look great in your dining room.  I have several 'saying stickies' from the Dollar Tree.  Did you know you can move these too?  What about a family wall or several collections that have the same color frames? If you don't have matching frames, get a can of spray paint, mask the frames and spray away.  'New' matching frames! :-)  What about curtains?  Would they work in another room? Or maybe no curtains with just a blind for privacy to give that minimalist feel?  The possibilities are endless!

Recently I was bored with my kitchen.  I rearranged dishes, cleared counters and repurposed  some of the containers that held readily needed items.  I removed some of the wall decorations, changed the valance (had one in storage) and cleaned everything. After I finished, I felt I had a new kitchen. 

Of course we think of changing during the seasons. Most times we don't have to have new items for this. Last summer I wanted a beach theme in my living room so I scoured the house and found beachy momentos.  Even threw a beach towel over the arm of the couch!  Removed throw rugs and smiled everytime I entered the room.  We're miles from the beach but it constantly reminded me of good times we've had at the beach.

Time to get busy!  Now let's see....what could I change now? :-)


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