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Posted By Sharon

Tired of that cable bill?  What about satellite?  Following are a few of the great ways to save on this costly form of intertainment.

Frugal Tip 19:
Local Viewing

1) Digital Antenna - Depending on your location, you could have several 'over the air' free local stations to watch after your initial investment.  We picked up an inside digital antenna at Goodwill Outlet for $2. Even though we live out in 'no man's land' we are still picking up some local channels.  We have 1 year left on our Dish satellite contract so we plan to try an outdoor antenna to see how it goes.  If it works as we hope, no more monthly satellite bill!
2) Library - Libraries not only have books and audio books but movies from every genre.  Some libraries (such as ours) charge $1 to rent the movies for a week, others offer them free.  Anyway you look at it, both are a bargain!
3) Redbox - I love Redbox. Renting new movies overnight at a kiosk for a little over $1 is a great deal.  Even though we are in a small area there are at least 8 locations so we never have to go too far to find a movie.  I also noticed they are offering 4 rentals and unlimited streaming movies for $8 a month.  Great deal!
4) Fleamarkets, Yardsales, Thrift stores - Something we've done in the past was when we came across a deal where the dvd's  were $1 a piece, we purchased them even if we hadn't seen them. LOL!  Of course we read the synopsis, the rating and the main actors but if they caught our fancy, we bought them.  Why?  They were new to us!  Then after watching we decided if we wanted to keep them, sell them or donate them.  We have also purchased Seasons of our favorite tv series this way.  For $1.50 each we purchased season 1 & 2 of Sanford and Son.  Yeah, I know I'm dating myself but I love classic humor.

Internet Viewing

1) Network web sites - If you miss an episode of one of your favorite series, most of the time you can find it at the network web site within a day or two.  So why not use this as your regular 'tv time' and forget the subscriptions?  Not only will you again save the monthly fee but you will also be watching only what you want to watch instead of watching it because 'it's all that's on'. 
2) Hulu & Hulu Plus - Hulu is free and there are tons of older movies and shows available.  Hulu Plus is $7.99 a month & gives you unlimited access to the entire site! What a bargain.
3) Netflix - Netflix began as a movie service and now they also offer complete tv series for only $7.99 a month. Another inexpensive option.
4) Youtube - Yes you read that right.  Sitcoms, sermons, exercise segments, diy demonstrations, cooking....anything you can think of and the cost to view it all is $0. 

Remember the days of 'free tv'? That's almost a thing of the past but with these suggestions, it can still be affordable.  Just remember one thing, too much of anything isn't good for anyone so value not only your money but your time too!

Til Next Time,


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