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Posted By Sharon

Hey!  I really like using my crockpot (slow cooker) don't you?  Here are a few ideas of ways to use it....maybe some of them will be new to you.

Frugal Tip 18:
1) Bean Soup: Soak your beans in the crockpot the night before, then drain, rinse add more water and begin cooking.
2) Baked Potatoes:After rubbing the potato with oil (virgin olive oil is my favorite) & salt, wrap it up in aluminum foil, poke a few holes in it then place it in your crockpot. Set it on high and in 4-5 hours you'll have yummy, fluffy potatoes. 
3) Heating up Leftovers: Put an inch of water in the crockpot, wrap all leftovers in foil or use glass baking dishes and in 3-4 hours your dinner will be ready.  Again I know the microwave is faster but let me give you an example.  We were going to church  and I had several great leftovers from the past couple of nights that I wanted to use up.  I hate heating several things in the microwave at once because even though they get hot, they don't stay that way.  Before leaving for church, I placed everything in the crockpot, set it on low and when we returned everything was hot and tasty.  I believe part of the reason is because of the inch of water.  It helps keep everything moist.
4) Preserving:  Making applebutter or tomato sauce is a cinch in a crockpot.  Anything that needs to cook down before preserving will be less likely to burn.  One word of caution: Make sure the crockpot is unplugged when you're ready to move to the next stage of  preserving your harvest.  I had a blonde moment once (ok maybe more than once..LOL!) where I thought the crockpot was unplugged, moved it too quickly and received 2nd degree burns.  No fun! 
5) Lazy Day Meals: Layer veggies and top them off with meat and broth, set the crockpot on low for 8 hours and when you're ready to eat, everything is cooked to perfection!

I know these are not original ideas and often a microwave would do the job just as easily in way less time.  But for me and my family, we like a meal that tastes like someone slaved in the kitchen all day.  Since that someone is me, I have better things to do with my time so I don't want to be in the kitchen all day. :-)  Also after doing research on the crockpot I found the average cost of using one for 8 hours is 20 cents.  In my book...that's a bargain!

Praising God for all the wonderful people in my life.