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Posted By Sharon

I've went through and picked out a few items I thought you might be interested in! They are currently on Sale until the end of the month.  Doing a little spring cleaning early, I guess! :-)

The 'free' auctions on Ebay were great!  We have moved quite a few items at great prices.  Something I haven't done is to begin listing auctions on the original Sayre's Stash id when it isn't free.  It seems I spend my time listing the freebies on sayresstash2 and forget about listing on the other one.  Maybe that's an area Terry will want to take over. feedback on Sayresstash2 is now 15 and 100% positive. Yay me! :-)

Speaking of Terry, he has really gotten into working the store.  It seems we have an unspoken communication about who does what and it's working very well.  He researches things he's interested in and lists them and I do the same.  Then before you know it, we have listed several items at once.

Most times the internet is great during the day & evening but we've noticed that on Monday & Tuesday evenings, it slows waaaaaay down.  After doing some research, it appears that's when the tech team for Hughes works on upgrading the system.  I would complain but they reset everyone's usage back to 100% allowance when they do it so there is a benefit. :-)

Sorry I rambled so much in this post.  I have so many things on my mind I want to accomplish today and realistically, everything is not going to happen.  But I wanted to touch base with you and let you know about the SALE.

Time for dinner! Praying God is blessing you as you walk daily with Him.  His love is amazing, isn't it?