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Posted By Sharon

I've been looking around the web for healthy desserts because no matter what, I love desserts!  The catch is they must be healthy AND taste good.  I've been making healthier muffins with less sugar or substituting stevia.  I've also removed oil from recipes and added applesauce instead for moisture. Because I'm allergic to eggs, I now add 1 tsp of cornstarch + 1 tsp of water as a substitute. White flour is partially or completely replaced with whole wheat flour purchased from a Mennonite bulk foods store.  My muffin base is usually fruit we have picked ourselves or purchased fresh in the summer and preserved.  As far as calories are concerned, they are probably comparable to their less healthy counterpart.  I am watching calories but would rather have life giving  goodies going into my body instead of 'food'  which has things in it that I can't even pronounce...let alone know what they are. :-)

Back to ice cream....if you have a food processor or a Ninja (I love mine!) and bananas, you can have healthy ice cream anytime.  This is all you need to do:
1) Peel the bananas. (If large allow 1 per serving)  Cut them into 1" pieces or smaller.  Then freeze!  (Allow at least 2 hours. I froze mine overnight.)
2) Ready for ice cream?  Place the banana pieces in the food processor and well...process. :-)  You may need to stop the processor and push the pieces on the sides down.  Some people said they let their bananas sit out for about 15 minutes before processing....I didn't.  You can also add a little milk (I used almond) or coconut milk (YUM!) if you desire.
3) When it is creamy like ice cream, it's ready!
I made a dessert with mine.  I layered graham cracker crumbs (use sparingly if you're watching calories) mixed a spoonful of peanut butter with the ice cream and spread it over the crumbs, used reduced calorie whipped cream and then sprinkled nuts on top.  It was GREAT! Even Terry liked it! LOL! 

Other variations I haven't tried but found: a) Peanut butter b) Berries c) Chocolate  d) Nutella  e) Cinnamon & Vanilla f) Pineapple & Coconut.  Can't wait to try these!
Hope you enjoy this as much as I am!