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Posted By Sharon

Ebay is allowing free 10 day auctions by invitation only July 13-19 so needless to say you may not hear from me much this week! :-)

When we purchased the RV, Tom Raper gave us a certificate for 30 nights free camping at a resort.  We had 30 days to contact the Resort to activate the offer. Due to everything that happened in the month of December, we never got around to it. On Friday this past week we received a call from the Resort asking us if we would be interested in activating the free camping.  Since it costs an average of $25 to camp we said, "Sure! What do we need to do?" On Saturday, we traveled 2 1/2 hours for a presentation &this is what we received for our time:

1) $50 Gas Reimbursement for our travel (We took the Focus getting 35mpg so that worked in our favor)

2) Free lunch: Quarter pound burgers with the works, chips and a drink.

3) 30 Free nights to stay at one of their Resorts: 1 in Florida, 1 in North Carolina, 1 in Pennsylvania and 2 in Ohio. ($30 per night = $900)
What a bargain!

I must admit we seriously considered going for the membership.  The price was very affordable & it could be used by our entire family.  Certain Resorts could be gotten free at any time over 1000 affiliates throughout the states, Hawaii, Canada & Mexico would be $10 a night.  Cabins could be rented for $100 less per night, starting at $49 &huge discounts were offered for cruises.  It could have been a sweet deal! So why didn't we take it?

Because we didn't want to be locked in to any one place AND the membership would pass down to our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. What's wrong with that? Not only do you pass down the membership but you also pass down the yearly maintenance fee.  We just couldn't with good conscience do that to our children.  It's one thing to obligate ourselves but it's not right to pass our debt to them so we decided the membership was not for us.

After researching we think we'll become members of Passport America.  It's $44 a year with 1800+ campground participating.  When using the membership, you receive 50% off on nightly camping. This will give us the freedom we're looking for.

Part of the reason for purchasing the RV was to travel around, staying in certain places for longer periods of time to see if sometime in the future we might consider purchasing & later moving.  Who knows? We might travel around & decide we're content where we are but at least we'll be able to make that decision without 'mortgaging' our future.

Was there pressure at the RV place? Sure but we knew we needed to be true to our vision for our lives. So many times we as humans cave in and accept the 'vision' someone else has for us. We worry what others will think if we think differently, feeling the pressure we often 'cave in'. That's when we miss out on the greatest blessing....Being true to who God created us to be. By being who He created us to be, most times we will be marching to the beat of a Different Drummer. I can't think of a more exciting life than to be listening to the Creator of the Universe as He leads me on my journey through this life. Can you?