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Posted By Sharon

Recently our webhost has added Spam Protection on our email accounts.  This is a kind of 'try before you buy' deal that was a freebie.  We didn't opt in, they just 'gave' it to us. (At least until I renew my domain, then there's a monthly charge.)

There are pros and consconcerning this:

1) No more 'Dear reader, We have a prize for you. Send all your personal information and a credit card #".
2) No more junk emails.  Oh that's right I've already said that in #1. LOL!
3) Added security.

1) Important emails thrown into the spam box that could be lost forever. Example: We sold 3 items this week through one of our less active venues and 'accidentally' found them in the spam box. Also our weekly Sunday School lesson was thrown in there too. Not cool!
2) The added expense. Although it's minimal is it necessary? We can hit the delete button easily enough. Our fingers aren't broken. :-)
3) More time consuming. It's one added thing we have to do each day.  While browsing our regular email, we scroll through in one sweep then delete anything that looks suspicious.

So our decision? We've canceled the service.  New things are great and worth paying for if they make your life easier.  This did not help us but if we wouldn't have been given a chance to try it, we would have never known.

My suggestion? If your provider gives you an opportunity to try 'anti spamming', take it. Don't ignore their list of quarantined messages assuming 'they' know the difference. You ultimately will have to make the decision if it's spam or not. Even though it didn't work for us it may be the greatest thing ever for you. :-)

Thanks for stopping by! The message of the season? Because He Came, We Have Hope!