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Posted By Sharon



Remember that song?  The words not only were catchy but it was also a catchy tune.  After it's release, it wasn't long before we saw smiley face t-shirts with the logo everywhere.  Just to think about it made you feel 'good' inside.  Don't worry! Be Happy!

Although it seemed an original phrase, that sentiment was shared over 2000 years ago not only through the life of Jesus and His teachings but even before that.  In the Psalms not only did David tell us not to worry but he also told us 'how' not to worry.

Psalm 34:9 "Fear the Lord, you holy people who belong to him.  Those who fear him are never in need."  Instead of fear, one translation uses the word "Honor". Honor Him,Fear Him, Worship Him, Trust Him!  He clearly promises if we worship Him first all of our needs will be met.

No I didn't say wants.  LOL!  But hey, what do we REALLY need? Shelter, Food, Clothing and others to love and be loved by.  fall

I have a challenge for you and me!  The next time we start worrying let's start praising God instead.  If there's something we need to do to 'fix' whatever we're worrying about, He'll reveal it to us.  In the meantime, I like that feeling that says I don't need to worry about anything.  What about you?

Til Next Time,