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Posted By Sharon


Last night after returning from our small group I took Tessie outside as I always do after she's been in the house awhile so she could...well, you know. :-)  Lately we've been allowing her to go out without her leash because she's been listening so well.  Last night, that all changed.

She was doing great, sniffing around investigating her surroundings within 10 feet of me, listening when I told her to come back.  I was feeling very peaceful, thanking God He had brought her into our lives. And then it happened...she spied a white tail behind our winter stack of wood.

I've never seen her move so fast. She didn't run, she sprinted.  I ran after her calling, 'No Tessie, Come here' to no avail.  Oh..did I mention it was almost dark by this time. Before I knew it she disappeared into the the darkness.

Terry heard the commotion and came out with flashlights to aid in the search.  For the next hour we called her name, him going one direction and me another.  Another point I've failed to mention is we have 9 acres of land and our closest neighbors are at least an acre away from us.  I got in the car to search while Terry continued searching the land in the direction she had 'faded' into.  Shining the flashlight out the window while creeping along and shouting her name probably looked suspicious but it was to no avail.  After driving up and down the road twice, I gave up and said, "God, she's yours. We'd love to have her back and I'm not sure how that's going to work out but please keep her safe from the coyotes and foxes.  What a meal she'd make for them." Terry had also given up and was coming back to the house but 'something' told him to go back up the hill and down the other side to look one more time.  He said he saw little eyes and something black about 30 yards from him. He wasn't sure it was her but he called her name and she slowly crawled to him with her ears pinned back, knowing she was in trouble.  Praise God she was able to sleep in her own bed last night where she would be safe from harm.

I started thinking about Tessie's Great Escape when I went to bed last night.  God has granted me the freedom to make choices....I guess you could say He wants to trust me to do the right thing yet so many times I go on my own adventure not realizing I'm going the wrong direction. Terry said Tessie was definitely afraid as he approached her because she wasn't sure it was him because the flashlight blinded her.  She didn't come until he called her name. Only then could he pick her up and bring her home.  I'm the same way when I get lost.  God is still calling 'Sharon, Sharon' and sometimes I'm so focused on my goal I don't hear Him. Yet He doesn't give up.  He continues to call me home where I will be safe.  Unlike me on giving up on finding Tessie, He never gives up on me.  Can you imagine the depth of His love?

I praise God for leading Terry toTessie but most of all I praise Him for never giving up on me. As an old hymn says, "Oh the deep, deep love of Jesus, vast, unmeasured, boundless Free." Can you even imagine how deep that love is?