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Posted By Sharon

I've been reflecting lately on how we all believe everything has a beginning and an ending.  I've decided that's a false least in some ways.  For example: Life begins and ends when we die.  True or False?  Some who don't have the hope of heaven may say that's a true statement yet if you look into various religious ways of thinking, we see most believe there is 'something' in the hereafter.  Parenting never ends, it just evolves throughout the life of the child.  Those are just two examples but if you think about it, everything we do is always based on what we've done. Huh?

Beginning with birth we have basic needs: food, water, clothing & shelter.  Does that ever change? No.  We learn to talk and even though the words may change (or even be lost) we will find a way to communicate.  The same with walking...even if we can't use our legs, we will find other ways to be mobile.  We are constantly changing yet we are building upon whatever we already know.  Is there really an ending when it comes to the human life?  I don't think so.  Even after we die (and I believe continue on in Heaven) we leave a legacy on this earth that no one else can leave.  It's sort of our own personal 'carbon footprint'.  And the question is what will we leave behind?

You may find this post somewhat perplexing...thinking I'm 'thinking' too much but let me explain.  I mentioned a couple of weeks ago about volunteering to take responsibility for an area of an upcoming event.  Since that time I find myself migrating into other areas because help is needed so I'm asking myself why am I doing this and I realize it's because I never want to see failure if I can help prevent it.  Some might call this the 'savior' complex and if I'm not careful, it could easily turn into that....been there, done that.  But I realize now I can't fix everything nor save every circumstance, only God can do that.  I can only give my best and pray with His grace, the outcome will be a good one.

Beginnings and Endings....Yes we all have a beginning but it appears to me once our lives are set into motion, there is never a defined ending....only a 'let's see what comes next' phase.  That's why it's so important to continue building on what we've been taught so we're ready for that next phase because only God knows what that might be.  Let's continue to learn and grow and place our trust in the saving grace of Jesus...many say the 'best is yet to come'.  I beg to differ...if we live our lives to the fullest TODAY each day can be the 'best'.  Yes, I'm looking forward to seeing Jesus but if I read the scriptures correctly, the day I accepted Him into my life was the beginning of forever with Him.  I don't like to wait so that is a very appealing thought to me. What about you?