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Posted By Sharon

Over the years I've heard & read in the scriptures that God is good.  Now don't misunderstand what I'm about to say but I've really struggled with this.  No...not about God being good but using the word 'good' to describe Him.  Maybe it's our use of the word in the English language. "Be good or you won't get a present."  "Ah...she's such a good girl."  "How are you? I'm good." (not appropriately used but used nonetheless.)  How can such a common word describe God? 

When I think of God, words such as Holy, All-knowning, All-caring, Ever Present, etc. come to mind.  But good?  It's just so...well...I don't know...human I guess.  Over the weekend we had things happen that if God wasn't present, the outcomes would have been devastating...a b-i-l had a motorcycle accident without his helmet, a very sick child who is hours away from us, a repair surgery on another family member....yet God made sure the outcomes of each of these situations were positive.  What if one or all had gone a painful way for us?  What then? Would I still say He is good?

Is He good (and good all the time) as so many proclaim?  Of course He is but He is so much more.  He's not equal to the 'good little girl' or 'I'm good'. He's above, beyond all of that.  He is Author, Creator, Savior, Friend, Everlasting, Ever knowing, Ever caring, Ever present, Righteous.  That's so much more than just describing Him as 'good'.  That's my problem with just calling Him, 'good'.  It's not doesn't come close to Who He is but because our minds are capable of comprehending so little, that is how Jesus described Him in Mark 10:18.  Since it's a word we should use to describe God, maybe we should be a little more careful how we use it. We use the word 'good' to describe behavior but when the Bible uses it to describe God, it is used to describe His character.   He never changes, He never needs to be 'bribed' into being good, He just is!  

I'm not saying we should never use the word to describe people or to describe God but that we should be aware when we say 'God is good' it has nothing to do with His behavior. It's Who He is.  Is He good all the time? Of course! What else could He be?

Til Next Time,