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Posted By Sharon

Ok so I'm not brand loyal!  What else is new?  For many years I've recommended Firefox to friends as being the best browser to use.  We all know that Internet Explorer can be a pain and until the last few Firefox updates, I would have told you to switch. 

While visiting family & in hotels  I was amazed at the lightning speed at which I zoomed from site to site.  I believed we were slower at home due to being on Hughesnet.  Now I'm not saying broadband satellite doesn't need some definitely does but for those of us not close to any other broadband means, it works!  Anyway, when we returned home I was whining about how slow our internet was.  Terry jokingly said to settle down and remember where I was.  What did I expect?

After some research last night, I found that others are not as happy with Firefox since the new updates.  I also found recommendations of Opera and Google Chrome.  Why not try them out?  They're free, right?  So I downloaded both browsers and did my own 'comparison tests'.

As you know I've been working on the new design of the store so I thought what site would be better to test?  After quick downloads & installations, this is what I found out about speed.

Firefox took the longest, Google Chrome came in 2nd and Opera was #1.  Remember my site is now a totally secure site so that sometimes means it will load more slowly depending on the internet speed (Thanks Hughesnet). The site looked great on all three browsers so then I went to experiment 2.

Would everything work correctly?  The shopping cart looked nice but the shipping seemed to glitch.  After playing around with it, it was working.  I had also contacted Prestashop & he said everything worked great on his end too so that made me happy.

Next I tried writing this blog on Chrome.   For some reason it doesn't give me the options of changing fonts, etc but I'm wondering if that's because it's a streamlined version.  Not sure about that.

So what would I recommend?  If you're looking for speed, try Chrome & Opera.  Both were quick and responded more like the old Firefox.  Am I going to change from Firefox? At this time, I think I'll be a bi-browser or maybe even tri-browser girl.  Whatever works for what I'm doing.  Don't be afraid to try new things.  At the very least, you will stick with your own tried & true but you'll have given other things a try.  That's what makes life an adventure!