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Posted By Sharon

Several years ago I took a couple of HTML classes, then taught them, had a web design business and while working a full time job, decided I was not going to be able to keep up with everything so I gave it all up.  Now there are still times I will tweak a site for someone or make design suggestions but I've had no desire to build my own site for quite sometime.  Goodness!  That's why I paid someone to do it the last time.  Anyway, I think I must have spring fever because I've been working on the site and decided, why pay someone to 'manage' the behind the scenes monthly, I think I can do this myself.

Famous last words! Ugh!  I won't say it has been a nightmare because in reality it hasn't but I'm on week three and I'm just now beginning to add new stock.  Oh...maybe I should hit rewind.  You may be wondering why adding new stock would be on the list.  Well as I said I decided it couldn't be that hard to set up everything with a shopping cart on my own site so I purchased another domain name (don't worry, is still going to work) with a new web host ( whom I love (best tech support ever!) and downloaded Presta Cart shopping cart and began the journey.  It really hasn't been much different than when I had to set up the shipping, product and payment info on the other site but it has taken some getting use to because I had to get involved with securing the site and getting an api from Paypal and USPS.  I think I like the new design although Terry may be using Photoshop to change some of the colors as time goes on.  We'll see.

 Let's get back to why I'm writing this...PrestaCart is a great shopping I've tried and I tried several but it takes a little patience at least for someone like me who knows HTML and not PHP.  I have Dreamweaver which is great with both types of coding but I'm really clueless at what is safe to change.   Last night I thought I'd try to upload a csv file...followed the an error message...and then it messed up loading items one at a time.  I uploaded the original files but I still received a message. Eventually I had it working again but it's still not quite right so I'm not sure what I'll do next.  I can't get the USPS integration to work until USPS activates the account. Again I'm not sure how long that will take but if it isn't working by the time I'm ready to launch I'll have a flat rate shipping fee like we have had on the other site.

So with prayer and patience, my goal for launching this site is the end of April when we will shut down the other one and have our URL redirected to the new site.  That I know is simple! :-) 

Time to start thinking about adding a few more books! Have a great one!


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