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Posted By Sharon

This may be my last installment on Barcode Booty because I feel I've given you lots of ideas from it that will help you get started.  This one is about Outlets and Outlet Malls.  Yes, you read that right..  Honestly I thought he had covered everything in a previous chapter about Outlets but I was definitely wrong.

There are outlets online but you have to be very careful when choosing which ones to use.  Some of the items may be 2nds or a cheaper grade than you expect.  Steve says some things are sent to the outlets for a reason...they just don't sell or aren't worth selling.  So buyer beware.  He has several reputable outlets listed in his book so he doesn't leave you hanging.

Concerning Outlet Malls....yes, I love them too but did you know that some of the 'Big Name' outlet stores may not be what you think they are?  Some of them (he shares who they are) manufacture items just for the Outlet Mall store and then the stores are encouraged to put inflated original prices on the tags so you feel you're getting a good deal.  Now there's nothing wrong with the items but they probably wouldn't be found in the regular retail store.  You have to be the judge on the quality but don't purchase with intent of reselling unless you're sure it is really a good bargain.

When buying books from outlets again it can be tricky.  That's where the apps for your phone or the subscription scanners come in handy.  I can relate a personal story on this.  Our local Blockbuster is going out of business. We stopped in and they had several TV series for $4.99 each.  They were well known series so that sounded like a good deal UNTIL I looked them up on Amazon and found out I'd be lucky to make a couple of dollars on each of them IF they sold.  So needless to say, I passed this time.

Hope this has helped you.  If this has been interesting to you, do a search for the book on Amazon and purchase it.  It's been very helpful to me.


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