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Posted By Sharon

I was reading an article about yard sales and it triggered something in me from long ago. Have you ever heard it's all about location, location, location?  It's really all about advertising, advertising, advertising! :-)

Have you seen the Big brightly colored pieces of posterboard at the dollar store?  I'm not talking about the little ones...I mean the big ones  like we used for projects when we were in school.  Purchase no less than 2 pieces. Use your computer word processing program, print the words "YARD SALE" in a large font (Allow 2 letters per sheet)on  8 1/2"x11" paper.    In a smaller font (although it needs to be large enough so a passing car can read it after you have their attention with the YARD SALE sign) include DATE & DAYS, TIMES & ADDRESS. Then glue, tape, etc. whatever it takes to place these signs on a piece of that brightly colored posterboard you purchased.   You will be amazed how much attention this will get.  Place these in strategic places with arrows so your local traffic can find their way. Also make several smaller signs on the same colored posterboard to place along the way that say things like, 'You're getting closer", "Bargains Ahead", "You won't be disappointed", etc.  We live in the country and did this a few years ago and people came out of curiosity.  They enjoyed the sense of humor behind the signs and felt they knew us when they arrived. 

We also placed ads in our local freebie bulletins and hung a few signs on local bulletin boards.  When we have our next one I'll probably use Facebook and Craigslist too.

Another thought I had after reading the article was at our last yard sale we made sure items were clearly priced, clean, divided by category (books with books, tools with tools, etc.) and provided a place to try electronic items.  Our tables were covered with sheets (if you don't have extras, buy tablecloths from the $1 store) and everything was easy to find.   Clothes & Books were B2G1F and all other items were individually priced.

Do you have more tips to having a successful yard sale? I'd love to hear them.  Yard Sales are a good way to make extra money for vacations, paying down debt or special events.  They are also a great way to clean out!  At the end of our yard sale, all unsold items were donated.  I've noticed ads from people who will come to your house and haul your leftovers away.  You can also donate to local thrift stores.  We've been known to place larger items such as furniture at the end of the driveway with a 'Free' Sign and they'll be gone before dark.  However you choose to share what you have left is up to you.

Enjoy the beautiful weekend and don't forget to spend time worshiping with God's people on Sunday!


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