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Posted By Sharon

Had an eye exam today and have a new pair of contacts...thus the title of  the blog. So why does it say "Sort of"? LOL! Because my eyes are still somewhat dialated!

I have a super eye doctor.  She's fun, caring, knowledgeable and we share a lot of the same beliefs.  So when I go for my appointment, it's almost like having time with a good friend.  Goodness, we even share email & web addresses! Crazy, huh?
Anyway while waiting for the appointment I read more in the Barcode Booty Book.  The chapter was about using professional apps but what got my attention was the explanation of how to use the Amazon rankings.  If an item is rated around 500,000 it is possible 1-2 of that item are selling a day.  If it ranks in the top 100, it means several are selling an hour.  No it's not an exact science but at least it gives you an idea of how long an item may stay listed before being sold if yours is in the lowest priced items.  Interesting.

I listed several books yesterday and plan to work in the office tonight.  There is sooooo much that needs researched and catalogued from last week.  I purchased a box of Corning Wear Lids.  My brother was with me & ask, "What do you want those for?"  My response, "Because people break lids and need replacements." He then had an A-ha' moment. :-)  I also bought some glassware, books & throws (not sure why about these).  As far as the glassware I think I'm going to make a section in the ebay store for it.  The Longaberger stuff is selling very well so I'm thinking this might work for it too.  I also have several pieces of costume jewelry to be listed. Another category? We'll see.

Praying you have a super weekend!


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