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Posted By Sharon

I've read another chapter in this book and AGAIN I'm blown out of the water concerning the opportunities there are.  I've touched on the subject of reselling items that you buy at at a reduced price in a Brick & Mortar Store but what about reselling things you find at a discount on line? Whoo Hoo!  Now that's something that got my attention.

Have you ever checked out or Amazon's Gold Box for the day? What about or  Believe it or not, I have subscriptions to just these sort of things but never, I mean NEVER have considered looking up the actual cost or ranking of the item on Amazon or the sell through rate on Ebay.  Apparently I've been missing out on a lot of things, ya think?

Most of the deals I mentioned at the above sites are for 24 hours.  So if I get in on a 'deal' that's happening just today, I can sell the item when it arrives and not only make my money back but also a little extra cash.  Two things I'd like to caution you about.  Remember the sites you resell on charge fees AND unless the item you're purchasing has free shipping, you will need to account for this in your total investment.  It won't be a 'good deal' if you end up reselling the item for the same amount or less that you paid for it! So don't jump on every 'good deal' as a resell until you've done your homework.

Something else came to mind as I read this chapter.  We have a friend who knows the value of the dishes she sells on Ebay so she watches the other Ebay auctions closely.  Why? Not because she is stalking the competition but because there are factors in how well an Ebay auction will do.  #1) When do you list?  Listing throughout the middle of the week in the afternoon is usually a bad idea. Why? Because people are working and they are caught up in the "let's just get through until Friday" mentality.  Never list late at night on a week night for the same reason.  People have to get up the next morning!  So listing Saturday-Monday and having it come due by 10pm is usually the best time to list. #2) Our friend also watches titles, categories and descriptions.  If someone doesn't  use pertinent information in the title, is vague in the description or puts it under the wrong category, this increases the chance of getting the item for a lower cost.  So do your homework before you list or try using this method to acquire inventory.  In our friend's case, she purchases items from other Ebay sellers at a reduced cost and then relists the item.  Very seldom does she take a loss.

I'll try to get in some reading time another day this week so I can share more from this fascinating book. Until then I need to inventory items we purchased over the weekend, list a few books, prepare a few auctions, and whatever else comes my way.  As I've said before, "I love this life God has given me".  It's not about the money because obviously we aren't getting rich doing what we do. It's about having a rich life.... laying my head on the pillow at night and knowing it's been a great day even with the emotional ups & downs. How rich I am with family & friends and doing something I really enjoy.  I'm sure you are rich too! Take a moment and be thankful today.  God doesn't have to do anything extra for us because giving His Son was over the top. But for some strange reason, we are so loved that He does.  Take a minute and praise Him for your life.

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