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Posted By Sharon

Recently I've begun reading the book Barcode Booty by Steve Weber.  A couple of weeks ago Amazon was offering this as one of the daily free books for Kindle (free app on my phone & laptop).  I had  been researching his books concerning online sales and been debating about purchasing one of them so needless to say, I jumped on this one. 

He began several years ago as a used online bookseller.  Sound familiar?  And even though he still loves selling used books today, he has found an additional way to make money online. BTW, this is his full time job.   I'm only on chapter 2 and can't believe how much info there is in this.  (I may end up buying it in paperback so I can highlight all the great info.) 

For him, the light bulb came on the weekend he & his family went to visit the in-laws.  He & his son made a trip to a toy store and of course, being one who is always looking for a good deal, he headed for the clearance section.  In this section, he came across a large inflatable robot that had been marked down over 75% and decided to use his Amazon scanner (free on iphone & droid) to see if it was a good deal.  Not only was it a good deal but the item was in the top selling ratings on Amazon and was going for 3 times what he would be paying.  He purchased them and sold them all in a timely manner.  From then on, he was hooked.  Of course he'd continue to go to book sales, auctions, yard sales and all his previous haunts but now he would begin watching deals everywhere he went.  His scanner was priceless!

I'm excited about this prospect.  Goodness, I think one of the first things my daughter could point out when we entered a store when she was little was 'the clearance' signs.  Wonder who taught her that? LOL!

I know we 're always looking for the unusual, collectible book or antique but wouldn't it be fun to expand the business?  I have several accessories for Longaberger Baskets in the Ebay store that are new, found at auctions and are selling.  These are out of production pieces.  What if I could find a great deal in a clearance area that although it's still selling, the Big Box Store needs to make room for the latest craze?  See where I'm going with this.  I'm not saying all things will be sellable but there will definitely be some.  That's why it's important to use the free apps that are available if you have a smart phone.  It's just like comparison shopping for items you want only in the reverse.  If it's a good deal and someone else is looking online for a better price, your item will be the one they buy.  A good experience for everyone!

I'll try to read another chapter or two over the weekend so I can give you more tips!  Who knows? You might want to buy the book too! :-) (Search Barcode Booty in the Amazon Box if you'd like a sneak peak of this book.)

Enjoy worshipping with your church family this weekend!


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