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Posted By Sharon

Today's post was contributed by my youngest son, Jared.  He is a single hard working guy who likes to see his money go as far as it can! 
Final Day of Frugal Tips

1) Hard water and shower head clogged?  Use a ziploc bag filled with vinegar and immerse the shower head in it.  Let it hang for a couple hours, remove the bag and it will work great!

2) Sometimes buying more expensive lunch meat is worth it for the reusable container.  Glass and plastic jars can be used  for storing small items or food.  If the jar has a 'smell', pour bleach in it and let it sit for a couple days to remove leftover smells.

3) Fabric softener and water mixed in a small spray bottle make a quick wrinkle releasing mix.  If you don't have a spray bottle, don't buy an empty one.  Buy one with cleaner for the same price,  Empty the contents in another storage container and have for later use.  Free bottle with cleaner to boot!

4) If food is bland and doesn't have that 'fast food' taste you like , invest in All Spice Seasoning plus others. 'Fast food' has a great taste due to all the spices and condiments used so prepare your own and save not only cash, but have a healthier version.

5) Phone fall in the water? Remove the battery, fill a bag with rice and leave it alone for a few days.  This may not always work but it's worth a try!

Thanks Jared for all your great tips!  I'm so blessed to have children who can think outside the box.  Thank You God for them.

See you at the new site tomorrow!


Posted By Sharon


Frugal Tip 27:  Have you ever noticed your coffee maker is not making your coffee as hot as it did when it was new?  Maybe you have a calcium build up.  When this happens the heat pump in the unit has to work harder and therefore doesn't produce the results you were expecting.  What can you do?  Make a habit (every few months) of cleaning it with vinegar.

Step 1: Fill the coffee pot with white vinegar, put in a new filter and pour the vinegar in the water chamber. Press the 'start' button and allow it to run a full cycle.

Step 2: Once the cycle is complete,  dump the pot and fill it with water.  Run another full cycle.  Toss the water.  Because I'm a little paranoid and defintely do not want my coffee to taste of vinegar, I usually run another pot of plain water through it. 

This not only helps your unit to function better but will extend the life of the coffee pot.  Yay! Another savings! :-)

Remember to bookmark the new blog site:  Moving on Friday!

Even though we're on the brink of more uncertainty in this country, Jesus says "Never fear"...He will always be with us.  We can't depend on our government but Jesus will never let us down.


Posted By Sharon

I'm currently in transition to another blog site so this is in the forefront of my mind.  Why am I moving from my current location? Lack of storage, few design options and unable to use some of the cool gadgets available are my top 3 reasons.  Wordpress and Blogger were the two most appealing to me.  Since I'm a Google junkie and Blogger had so many benefits that's the one I've chosen.

Frugal Tip 26: There are many free options on the web if you're looking for a place to share your thoughts, back up your computer, share pictures or sell your items.  The following are just a few:

Photo Bucket


Free Storage (check limits of free storage)
Amazon Cloud
Google Cloud

Google Sites

Most of these have limits so check them out to see which might work best for you!  Purchase a domain name, direct it to your new site and you've joined the dot com family! BTW my new blog location will be and Friday, March 1st will be our kick-off!  This blog will still be here but there will be no updates after Thursday!  Thanks for following me!


Posted By Sharon

A lot has been said about going green but if you pay close attention you'll realize going green in most cases means, doing with less or being conscientious about your actions.  Which is better for the environment, plastic or glass?  If the plastic can be recycled, it could be pretty even.  But did you know that plastics can produce gasses that affect our well being when we use them?  I'm sure you've heard the warnings about using plastic in the microwave....not a good idea.  Did you know the plastic linings in canned foods can expose us to BPA...again not a good thing.  Buying items in glass or storing in glass may not always be less expensive in dollars today but they may save you a bundle in health care down the road. 

There are others ways 'going green' saves us but not always immediately.  Taking cardboard to the recycling center, choosing items with less packaging, canning your own garden goodies, etc. are all ways that may not translate into dollars but yet yield a savings in our landfills, healthcare and more.

Frugal Tip 25: Being a frugalista greenie :-)  may not always save money today but in the future may be priceless.


Posted By Sharon

Photo Courtesy of Toys in The Dryer


Ready for a weekend of ideas? Here goes!

Frugal Tip 22: What do you do with toilet paper rolls? Trash them? No!  These little babies can be used for many things.  1) Cut them in half, stuff them with dryer lint and you have super fire starters for the fireplace or a campfire. 2) Cut them in half, set on a flat tray, fill with soil and plant your seeds.  Great seed starters! Because the cardboard is biodegradable you can plant these directly into the garden. 3) Cut in various lengths to use as organizers in a drawer. 4) Crafts. Check out Pinterest for some great projects. What other ideas do you have?

Frugal Tip 23: Fabric Softener Sheets. Cut them in 1/2 or 1/3's.  They will still soften your clothes just as well.  After use, they can be used at least one more time as dusting cloths or interfacing for small sewing projects. 

Frugal Tip 24: Cream Rinse.  I accidentally purchased cream rinse...something I don't use so I've been putting it to good use. 1) Shaving my legs. Yep...good softener plus protection.  2) Cleaning water spots off mirrors. Hard to believe but this works.  Just use a little on your cloth and you'll be amazed.  3) Cleaning shower walls and doors.  This removes hard water spots too,  I've also read baby oil does the same thing but I've never tried it.  Be sure to rinse all areas well because if some of the lotion gets on the shower floor, it would be SLICK!

Have a wonderful weekend. Spend time with the Lord and His kids.  You'll feel empowered to face another week and at peace knowing you don't have to handle life's trials alone.