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Posted By Sharon

Over the years I've heard & read in the scriptures that God is good.  Now don't misunderstand what I'm about to say but I've really struggled with this.  No...not about God being good but using the word 'good' to describe Him.  Maybe it's our use of the word in the English language. "Be good or you won't get a present."  "Ah...she's such a good girl."  "How are you? I'm good." (not appropriately used but used nonetheless.)  How can such a common word describe God? 

When I think of God, words such as Holy, All-knowning, All-caring, Ever Present, etc. come to mind.  But good?  It's just so...well...I don't know...human I guess.  Over the weekend we had things happen that if God wasn't present, the outcomes would have been devastating...a b-i-l had a motorcycle accident without his helmet, a very sick child who is hours away from us, a repair surgery on another family member....yet God made sure the outcomes of each of these situations were positive.  What if one or all had gone a painful way for us?  What then? Would I still say He is good?

Is He good (and good all the time) as so many proclaim?  Of course He is but He is so much more.  He's not equal to the 'good little girl' or 'I'm good'. He's above, beyond all of that.  He is Author, Creator, Savior, Friend, Everlasting, Ever knowing, Ever caring, Ever present, Righteous.  That's so much more than just describing Him as 'good'.  That's my problem with just calling Him, 'good'.  It's not doesn't come close to Who He is but because our minds are capable of comprehending so little, that is how Jesus described Him in Mark 10:18.  Since it's a word we should use to describe God, maybe we should be a little more careful how we use it. We use the word 'good' to describe behavior but when the Bible uses it to describe God, it is used to describe His character.   He never changes, He never needs to be 'bribed' into being good, He just is!  

I'm not saying we should never use the word to describe people or to describe God but that we should be aware when we say 'God is good' it has nothing to do with His behavior. It's Who He is.  Is He good all the time? Of course! What else could He be?

Til Next Time,


Posted By Sharon

It seems to me that no matter what I do, my way of thinking is not God's way of thinking.  Surprised?  I believe that was written in the Bible about 2000 years ago & apparently it hasn't changed.  LOL!

I've been working out a lot of different ways....pre-programmed treadmill routines, 10,000+ steps daily, Jillian Michaels and I just wasn't seeing the results I had with Leslie Sansone workouts.  I read blogs, diet sites, etc. and kept getting, "it takes your body time to respond'.  Well I've been at it for several months now and I don't think it's going to respond. :-)

My excuse for not doing the Leslie stuff was I had 2 different workouts and I wasn't seeing the progress I had in the beginning so 'my body must have adjusted' (at least this is what the experts say).  I'm not saying they're wrong but there is quite a bit of variation in these routines so I would think my body would have a tough time adjusting to the point of no response.  Anyway being the frugal person I am, I didn't want to pay another $10-$15 for a used DVD of Leslie so I thought I'd use what I have laying around here.  That's a good idea, right?  Well, in 6 months I've gained 3 pounds (yes, I'm watching my diet!) and my pant size is teetering between 2 sizes...the one I had achieved & the one I came from.  Not the direction I had in mind.

One Freaky Friday (at Goodwill that is) I found a Leslie & Jillian  DVD for $1 each. SCORE!  So what did I do? I purchased them, put Leslie away & tried the Jillian workout.  I felt almost dead when I finished so I thought, this must be what I need.  Apparently not because even after doing it awhile, no results like the Leslie workouts so what did I do?  I started doing the treadmill workouts. :-)

Last week my friend told me she had some books for me so I picked them up.  As I was leaving, she smiled and said 'you never know what surprise might be in there'.  I thought that was strange but when I began sorting, what do you think was in the bottom of the bag? Another Leslie Sansone video I didn't have. My friend doesn't even know I like Leslie Sansone!

Where is this going?  For years I have asked God to help me lead a healthier lifestyle so I can serve Him with my body as long as I'm able.  Sometimes I hear (feel) a small voice say, "that's not good for you. Choose......" But this time He has all but hit me over the head with the Leslie Sansone workout, even providing me with 2 at minimal or no cost.  What else does He need to do?  Apparently this is the right workout for me right now.

Some of you may be thinking God doesn't really care about my workout or what I eat or any other of the mundane things of my life.  He has BIG things to take care of, right?  Of course He does but in my experience, He cares about the little things in my life too.  Why?  Because they bother me & He wants to help me.  That's what good parents do for their children and He's the ultimate Parent. Trust Him with the little things as well as the Big things, He'll answer you.  Just pay attention better than I did. :-)


Posted By Sharon

I believe I told you last week we went away to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary.  We celebrated a week early because our actual anniversary was on Father's Day and we knew every place would be crowded.  Yesterday was our  anniversary and it was a very nice day.  Terry's brother is recovering from quadruple by-pass and we spent some time with him & his wife after worship.  We had a great time....just seeing him smile made us happy.  Then we went out to eat & to a movie.  I can't tell you the last time we went to a theater but we had a really nice time. 

As I reflected on the last 35 years last night, I began to think about all the things I had committed to throughout my life.  My first commitment was to to this day...I'll never regret and pray I can always remain faithful.  There have been times over the years I've been more lukewarm than on fire for Him.  What if I wouldn't have stuck it out through those times? What if He would have changed His mind when He was going to the cross? Where would I be? 

My next big commitment was my marriage to Terry.  Trust me...there have been rocky times.  Sometimes we'll say to each other, "I love you but I really don't like you right now."  That's our way of saying we are committed to this relationship no matter what.  It might be easier to walk away but in our case, it wouldn't be the right answer.  There are times in a marriage that abuse steps in...God doesn't want His children abused.  Divorce in this case is not a choice it is a decision for self-survival.  I praise God we have always tried to treat each other with respect even when we are not in agreement.

The next commitment that is a biggie to me is to be a mom.  When Misty was born I kept thinking I wasn't ready for that kind of commitment but once she arrived, there was no turning back.  After the boys came, the commitment level increased. I decided I would do my best to show them Jesus. love them and protect them at all cost. 

Of course I'm commited to my friends and extended family...where would I be without them?

Other commitments have come and gone for some are not meant to be for a lifetime.  When I led a children's choir, I commited to do the best I could for Christ.  The same when I was working outside our home & now that we have the online store.  I've mentioned it before but I'd like to mention it again.  Colossians says that whatever we do we should do it as unto the Lord, not for man.  So whatever I commit to, I want to give my best.

Commitment...Out of Style?  I think not.  Where would we be if one does not stand on his/her word?  If you look around you'll see many instances of this....not a very nice world to live in.  Stand up & take responsibility for your decisions.  Don't blame others when you don't keep your commitments for it's your choice.  Sometimes circumstances will make it difficult if not impossible to keep them so don't spread yourself thin by commiting to everything.  Choose what is important!  The important ones will be so life changing that when you reflect on them they will bring a smile to your face...knowing you've done what counts.


Posted By Sharon

Did ya like the title? LOL!  I can remember when I was much younger there was not a weekday that didn't go by that I didn't watch this show.  Then sometime in my early 20's I realized I was wasting my life away in a dream world and gave it up.  At first it was difficult...almost like I had a 'date' with my t.v. everyday but after awhile I found I didn't miss it and couldn't believe I had been wasting an hour of my life everyday for nothing.

I'm not saying all t.v. is bad or we shouldn't find things to do during a 'let's take a breath' minute but it shouldn't become a habit or we'll miss out on things that are much more enjoyable.

The last few days Terry & I have been doing something that we truly enjoyed.  We had the pleasure of watching one of our children smile!  I mean...really smile!  Jared our son had purchased a unique little car 2 years ago & it had been stored in our daughter's garage since he had moved out.  It wasn't a big deal to her but Jared was anxious to have it at his new location so he could 'tinker' with it.  While on our Texas trip, Terry's brother showed us the trailor he had purchased to pull his car.  Conversations began happening and when Terry's brother returned home he offered his trailor so we could move Jared's car from Misty's garage to Jared's garage.  The look on Jared's face when he saw the car was definitely a 'Kodak' moment but the joy we experienced  was indescribable.

Back to 'The Days of Our Lives'....I don't deny indulging in our own little pleasures is well....pleasurable but when comparing the joy we have when we can do something for someone else...there is no comparison.  As I recall, the daytime soap was full of 'drama', very seldom having any kind of lasting joy (or sadness, for that matter).  When looking at the Real Days of Our Lives, I can't believe how much more satisfying they are in comparison.  Living and truly experiencing life is much more enjoyable than sitting on the sidelines cheering on the team.  I want to be actively involved, don't you?

"Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him, and He shall bring it to pass ... Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him." Psalm 37:4,7


Posted By Sharon

It seems my mind is going a million miles an hour today.  Just returned from visiting a friend, checking out Goodwill's Freaky Friday & Grocery shopping.  Checked the mail and realized I have waaaaay tooo many graduates to send cards to or show up at an open house.  Walked through the office and I need to inventory 'new' products for the store, the washer has stopped so it's time to hang out the clothes, got the chicken out for dinner....and I haven't even begun to think about the things I planned for today! :-)

After my workout this morning I listened to a preacher on the computer.  God knew I needed that message this morning because it was 'Stability = Ability".  LOL!  Have you ever noticed the more you have to do in a day the more comes to mind that you should do?  I believe that's the way the enemy works.  If he can keep us distracted we'll never be stable (steadfast) enough for God's voice to get through so He can enable us to do what He wants us to do.

The other night I was listening to a discussion about God's calling and sacrifice.  Many examples were given of sacrifices people make for others.  Although I think this is admirable I'm not sure I want to go down that road.  It seems to me if I'm keeping track of my sacrifices than I'm still concentrating on 'look at me'.  I'm not saying this is true for those who were sharing I just know that's the way it would work out for me.  I guess I don't see things I do as sacrifices but see them as just things I do.  Why?  What's my motivation?  I love God & I love people so the practical side of me says, "Uhmmmm...that's just what I do." I really don't think about it.

Am I this way all the time? NO!  Back to the Stability = Ability thought.  I am only stable enough ( comments from those who know me well. LOL!) to be who God called me to be when I turn my back on the enemy & my own selfish wishes to have the ability to do good.  If I'm not leaning on God & His wisdom you're probably not going to like me most of the time & I don't blame you.  The Bible clearly states that no one is good within himself  but only through the goodness of God can we truly do good deeds.  Good people do good things everyday but if God is not in them, the good deeds cannot produce a lasting affect.  Only God's goodness is forever.

Time to reclaim the day!  Let's see now where was I.... :-)