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Posted By Sharon

I've went through and picked out a few items I thought you might be interested in! They are currently on Sale until the end of the month.  Doing a little spring cleaning early, I guess! :-)

The 'free' auctions on Ebay were great!  We have moved quite a few items at great prices.  Something I haven't done is to begin listing auctions on the original Sayre's Stash id when it isn't free.  It seems I spend my time listing the freebies on sayresstash2 and forget about listing on the other one.  Maybe that's an area Terry will want to take over. feedback on Sayresstash2 is now 15 and 100% positive. Yay me! :-)

Speaking of Terry, he has really gotten into working the store.  It seems we have an unspoken communication about who does what and it's working very well.  He researches things he's interested in and lists them and I do the same.  Then before you know it, we have listed several items at once.

Most times the internet is great during the day & evening but we've noticed that on Monday & Tuesday evenings, it slows waaaaaay down.  After doing some research, it appears that's when the tech team for Hughes works on upgrading the system.  I would complain but they reset everyone's usage back to 100% allowance when they do it so there is a benefit. :-)

Sorry I rambled so much in this post.  I have so many things on my mind I want to accomplish today and realistically, everything is not going to happen.  But I wanted to touch base with you and let you know about the SALE.

Time for dinner! Praying God is blessing you as you walk daily with Him.  His love is amazing, isn't it?


Posted By Sharon

I haven't done this for a while and thought you might find it interesting.  We certainly have!

Japan Old Empire State Statue Liberty Metal Souvenir Building Pencil Sharpeners


Vintage Made In JAPAN PINK Ceramic Rabbit Bunny Cotton Ball Dispenser Art Deco  13.50

  Betamax Tapes 5 New? 

Snowman Snowmen Heaven Nature Sing Patch Sandi Gore Evans 3yds NEW


We were amazed the Bunny & Beta Tapes sold within 24 hours for asking price.  I know we don't ask huge prices like some on Ebay but we are always happy with our mark-up. We spent $2.59 for these two items and grossed $28.49.  Not bad for 15 minutes in Goodwill! :-)

So keep your eyes open! You never know what goodies you may find in the least likely places!



Posted By Sharon

Today is the final day of our 30% off sale on Christmas Decor!  Hurry over for unbeatable savings!


Praying your New Year is blessed!


Posted By Sharon

We're on our last week before Christmas and here's the BIG news!  If  you go to Bonanza and enter 'Merry' you can receive 30% off your total order.  You read that right!  I said 30%!!!  On Ebay everything in the Christmas Shoppe will be discounted by 30%.  What a savings! This is just our way of thanking you our dear readers for all of the wonderful business you have given us this past year!  You are SUPER!



Posted By Sharon

So we're on for another week of sales!!!!  This week you can purchase everything in the Ebay Christmas Shoppe for 25% off.  Don't forget!  We also take Best Offers!

I'm finally finished decorating and am packing away the totes that store our Christmas ornaments. Now I need to start sewing!!!

Normally I wouldn't have a lot of sewing to do this time of year but since we've been remodeling it seems I'm behind on everything from pillows to slipcovers.  Not to mention I need to make curtains for at least 3 more windows.  When we installed new windows we increased the size to let more light in.  Bigger windows mean longer curtains...something I didn't have.  I couldn't find any I liked so decided to look in the bedding aisle.  The sheets I found were perfect...cream with green leaves. Our mud room has a light country feel so I think they will work out great!

We also remodeled our youngest son's room into a library.  We still wanted to have a sleeping area for guests so we are using a futon that was previously in our family room.  I was looking on line for a futon cover and couldn't believe they were so expensive.  Hmmm...let me back up....the regular covers were NOT expensive but the one I wanted was! LOL!  The one I wanted had a skirt and matching pillows so I purchased a very pretty white with tiny blue flowers sheet set at one of the Dollar stores and am planning to make the cover & accessories out of it.  After researching how to make one, I don't think it will be too hard.

Time to get busy! Thanks to everyone who has been supporting our Sayre's Stash sales!  It really helps us out and we're hopeful you're happy with your purchases!  Merry Christmas!  Celebrate JESUS for without Him there would be no need for celebration!

Because He Came!!!