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Posted By Sharon

More goodies have been added to our ongoing sales at Sayre's Stash!  If you go to our main site, Sayre's Stash and enter 'Merry' at check-out you'll receive 20% off your order!  Here's the best part about our site:  Because we don't have all the overhead at our own site like Ebay & Bonanza our prices are ALWAYS negotiable so even with the discount you can make us an offer!!!  Not to mention we offer flat-rate shipping of $3.99 on ALL orders (U.S. Orders Only).  Not per item, not per amount but no matter how many you buy!  One more thing, if you spend $35, your shipping is FREE! (U.S. orders only)  We will ship out of the country too but it is based on USPS mailing rates! BTW if you're local, we'll even meet you at an agreed upon location after you purchase your item to save you on postage! In case you haven't guessed, we love it when we sell from our privately owned store!

So go on over and check us out!  It's Christmas!  I've been accepting a lot of best offers!  Maybe you'll find the right book(s) for the right price with us!

Oh I almost forgot.  The coupon code is good for upto 10 uses per customer and expires December 31st!

Thanks for stopping by!


Posted By Sharon

Sorry I haven't written lately but I've been frantically listing items in the store. I have a goal! I'm working very hard in the store this week so I can take the month of December off. Not only is the calendar quickly filling up with commitments I want to enjoy playing' in the, decorating, baking, etc. We've done some extensive remodeling the last few months so needless to say there is 'misplaced' sawdust and believe it or not, it has settled in some conspicuous areas. LOL! In other words, I really need to clean!

My plans for the store & blog in December are to provide 'specials' on a regular basis and clue you in about them. It may be discount coupons or free postage but it will only affect a certain site or item for a short period of time. I think this will be sooooo much fun! Hopefully you will too!

I'm currently reading a book by Norah Lofts, "Which Way to Bethlehem?" I love her books and have read several of them. Although she is an historical fiction writer, she stays very close to the basic facts in her novels. Example: In the current book after Mary has been visited by the Holy Spirit, she knows she can't tell her mom yet so she's hopeful the angel of the Lord goes to Joseph to prepare the way for her news. Yet when she tells him she realizes that's not the case.

From a human perspective, I'm thinking, "Why did God wait to tell Joseph AFTER Mary told him?" Could it have been to test the faith of see if she was willing to be honest with her true love....Why? It definitely makes you think especially about the strong faith of a young girl in our God. How would I have reacted as a mom, a sister or friend if I were close to Mary? Really makes you think.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the time leading up to the holidays. I'll be sharing some fun things with you in the upcoming weeks!

Because He Came,


Posted By Sharon

Wow! It's Cyber Monday already.  Can you believe it? If you survived the Black Friday sales you should give yourself a pat on the back! :-)  Many may wonder if our sales pick up on Cyber Monday...not really.  It seems once November hits, the sales are consistently higher but due to the nature of the items we sell, Black Friday or Cyber Monday has no affect.  Don't get me  wrong...the holidays definitely increase our sales but there doesn't seem to be any correlation with the big marketing strategies.

I have sold several Christmas ornaments and of course, baking dishes.  I think it's so funny how we change our moods by the seasons, don't you?  I had 2 baby size quilts in the store since February and as soon as November hit, they sold.  Speaking of quilts, I'm not sure what the Antique Malls are charging, but it amazes me how inexpensive they've become at the auctions we attend.  Full size hand sewn vintage fabric quilts are selling for less than $40.  I can remember when you couldn't bid on one for less than $100.  It's amazing how society places a value on merchandise.  What was $300 this year will probably be on Ebay for under $100 next.  How sad that is.  Back to the quilts, for me the sadness is that someone lovingly sewed them years ago for warmth....making do with what was on hand.  Can you imagine the hours it took...not to mention the added stress knowing how badly it would be needed when winter arrived? Because of availability today, we tend to undervalue how precious our resources are.  Not only can we choose what we want but we can pick the color, the size and the weight.  God promised to provide for our needs if we trust Him yet look how lavishly we have been showered upon.  I can't help but praise Him for the abundance we have in this country. 

As the Christmas season goes into full action, many will remember those who are less fortunate.  I think that's great and we should. But remember, there are 11 other months of the year that people are struggling and need help.  Our country has always been blessed with abundance but not everyone has been privileged to share in the abundance.  Some are cold, some are hungry and some have no home. If you're not sure where to begin, check out your local shelters or food pantries.  They can use help year round.  Then as you care for your own community, branch out to help others.  One person can make a difference! Won't you be that one?

Because He Came!


Posted By Sharon

We're approximately a week out from Black Friday Sales and it looks like there are going to be some good deals for everyone.  But have you noticed there also seems to be some really good deals in the stores right now?

We finally decided to sell my Samsung Captivate (I renewed my contract and got a new Samsung II...III would have been nice but it was more than $9.99) :-) and purchase a new camera for the business.  After surfing and reading several reviews, we found another Panasonic  Lumix (remember our other one quit working right).  Our local Kmart had it in stock so we went to check it out to see if it was the camera for us.  (In other words since I'm not the photographer in the family would it truly be a point and shoot?) LOL!  Our full intention was to purchase it online because it was $20 cheaper but after arriving we changed our minds.

Instead Kmart had a Sony Cyber-shot on clearance (only 1 left) which was priced within a few dollars of the Panasonic Lumix online so we thought we'd take a look at it too.  Wow! We liked it better than the Lumix.  After researching it online (yes we were still in the store) we found great reviews and discovered Kmart was offering it for $50 less than what it was online. Needless to say, we purchased it!  Not only was the camera a bargain but we earned some really great coupons with our Kmart rewards card. Cash off of shoes, household products and .20 off per gallon of gas at our local Speedway.  Plus we used our cash back credit card so it was definitely a win-win situation for us!

I've been using the camera all morning and I think it's going to work out great!  Ebay is now encouraging everyone to use the 12 free pictures they provide.  I was reading an article that said anything Ebay 'suggests' usually translates into "if you do it, it will help your products search ranking". As far as I'm concerned my goal is to increase pictures of the items I have for sale. Although I ask myself this question: How many angles can you take of a book? I guess it will be 12! LOL!

Have a super charged weekend! Our God is the Lord of all.  No matter what happens in our homes, our towns or our country, He is still in control.  Never lose sight of that!


Posted By Sharon

As I said last week you can always count on the regular items selling weekly so to prevent you from becoming bored, here are a few of the different items we sold. :-)


6 Beautiful Large Soft Burlap? Striped Orange Brown Tan Fall Autumn Napkins
(These were in a box lot of linens.  That's the fun of box lots. You never know what may be in there that someone else will enjoy.  Why did I purchase this lot? Because I love vintage linens! LOL!)

Kitchen Westinghouse Meat Loaf Bread Refrigerator Dish Glass with Lid
$5 each (sold 2)
(Vintage refrigerator items sell quite often.  Most will not bring a big price but they are a guarantee may be a slow nickle but it's worth it in the end.)

14 Baby Sitters Club Series Mystery,Super Special, 3 Little Sister Ann M Martin
(Never pay more than .25 for a series paperback unless you know it's worth it.  Each of these were either free or less than a quarter.)

We also sold a collector plate this week and I thought you might enjoy what the buyer shared with us:

"Good morning! I realize you were expecting more money from the sale of this plate, but I want to tell you what good your plate will do.I'll be giving it as a door prize at our next neighborhood organization meeting. The artist lived in the next block from me. I have collect much of his work to put in a neighborhood museum I'm starting in my church a few blocks away. Thank you."

What better response to receive than to know we have been blessed to play a part in the 'homecoming' of this plate?  Although the buyer thought we should have received more for the plate, he has no idea how much we truly received!  I love it when we hear stories like this. 

So how has Sayre's Stash financially done this year?  So far we've paid all the bills associated with the store, purchased "new" inventory and items we've wanted for personal use and at this time have a store emergency fund that would keep the store running even if nothing else was sold for almost a year.  I'm pretty happy with that! How blessed we are!

Enjoy the peace & quiet now that the election is finally over!  Praise God for His blessings and pray for our leaders.  Their job is a tough one and whether or not our guy got into the White House is of no importance.  We are each responsible for our own actions.  It's time to quit blaming others and grow up!