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Posted By Sharon

I just finished reading "The Christmas Sweater" by Glenn Beck.  What a wonderful refreshing book it is!

In the introduction Beck shares this is a fictional story based on real life characters including himself.  It tells the story of a young boy who has had many heartaches for such a young age and how he responds.  I don't want to give the story away but let me say many times we view our circumstances and feel as if we're being 'picked on'.  The child goes through unbelief in God and people, mistrusting anyone who tries to get close to him before realizing he is his own worst enemy.

So many times we respond out of pain and fear to what life throws at us not recognizing this will be a growing experience for us and how blessed we are to not go through things alone.  We were never meant to carry life's hardships by ourselves, that's the way God designed us.  Terry & I are private people...we really don't like sharing all of our trials with everyone.  We have a wonderful support system through God, our family and a few trusted friends.  Although sometimes we are hesitant to share with others, it is always better when we do because then we know we are not alone.

Before Christmas arrives, read "The Christmas Sweater".  No I don't have it in the store (I'm keeping my copy) LOL! but you can pick it up at Half for $5 or less including shipping or check your local library.  It is a must read to prepare our hearts for the celebration of life that God has given us.  I know you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

Til Next Time, :-)

Posted By Sharon

Terry had some tests this morning and I took a book to read that I had purchased at the Book Nook here in town.  The title was "Wheelchair For Sale" and it was written by Marvin Sallee, a local minister.  I met Pastor Sallee several months ago and was impressed with his calm, quiet demeanor so when I saw the book, I wanted to read it.

It is not only the story of a miracle done by God for a man who could not walk (although that would be more than enough) it is about the struggles of a pastor willing to let go of the reins and watch what God can do with a little church in Southeast Ohio.  I have connections with that church, although I do not attend there, and have visited a few times and must admit, there is definitely a moving of the Spirit there.  I have never been in a church that seems to be so people minded.  I felt as if I belonged the first time I visited there.

Pastor Sallee talks of his personal journey as it coincides with the growth of Vinton Baptist Church.  Before his illness he refers to himself as 'Super Pastor'.  He had to be involved in everything, control everything and do everything.  He didn't think the church could do anything without him but then God showed him differently.

As I read the book I could identify with him.  It doesn't just pertain to church or work but in everything, Control = Power in our minds.  When in reality, Real Power is when we trust and let go.  Let go of what? Everything we're trying to 'fix'.  I'm not saying we should throw up our hands and say, "Here God You do it!" But I am saying, we should do what we can, let go and see what happens.  So many people are cheated out of the joy of accomplishment when we try to do everything.  Learning to release control is one of the hardest lessons to learn over and over and over again but with God's help, it is possible.

If you have a chance, read the book.  You will be inspired!  Many times a book is a once read for me but this one definitely has a permanent place on my bookshelf.  Thanks Marvin!

Til Next Time, :-)

Posted By Sharon

I've added the Featured Books of the Week and their reviews at Sayre's Stash.  New books have been listed there & on Ebay and I plan to list more today.  I wanted to remind you the 20% off sale at Sayre's Stash ends August 31st.  This is good on your entire order.  Remember we also consider 'All Best Offers'.  Hope you find something you like.


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Thanks for stopping by! :-)


Posted By Sharon

It may seem odd that I would offer information about free e-books on line but to be true to myself, I had to do it.  I enjoy the convenience of having books on my phone or laptop so I can read anytime I like.  How nice to have something to read while waiting in the doctor's office or while getting new tires without having to remember to take something else with you.  It's also great to have your Bible with your at all times. :-) 

Here are four of my favorite sites:

1) Amazon Kindle for phone or pc/laptop

2) Project Gutenberg

3) Free E-books

4) Free Bible Apps

Although it's not the same as holding a book in your hands, it will serve the purpose.  Just remember if you need the true feel or smell of the real thing, you can always check out our store. (Shameless plug, LOL!)

And last but not least, here are the rest of the Reading Nook Reviews:

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Til Next Time, :-)

Posted By Sharon

It's been a very busy week and that's why I'm so late getting the Featured book reviews listed.  I'm listing two tonight and will do the rest tomorrow.  Thanks for your patience.


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