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Posted By Sharon

This may be my last installment on Barcode Booty because I feel I've given you lots of ideas from it that will help you get started.  This one is about Outlets and Outlet Malls.  Yes, you read that right..  Honestly I thought he had covered everything in a previous chapter about Outlets but I was definitely wrong.

There are outlets online but you have to be very careful when choosing which ones to use.  Some of the items may be 2nds or a cheaper grade than you expect.  Steve says some things are sent to the outlets for a reason...they just don't sell or aren't worth selling.  So buyer beware.  He has several reputable outlets listed in his book so he doesn't leave you hanging.

Concerning Outlet Malls....yes, I love them too but did you know that some of the 'Big Name' outlet stores may not be what you think they are?  Some of them (he shares who they are) manufacture items just for the Outlet Mall store and then the stores are encouraged to put inflated original prices on the tags so you feel you're getting a good deal.  Now there's nothing wrong with the items but they probably wouldn't be found in the regular retail store.  You have to be the judge on the quality but don't purchase with intent of reselling unless you're sure it is really a good bargain.

When buying books from outlets again it can be tricky.  That's where the apps for your phone or the subscription scanners come in handy.  I can relate a personal story on this.  Our local Blockbuster is going out of business. We stopped in and they had several TV series for $4.99 each.  They were well known series so that sounded like a good deal UNTIL I looked them up on Amazon and found out I'd be lucky to make a couple of dollars on each of them IF they sold.  So needless to say, I passed this time.

Hope this has helped you.  If this has been interesting to you, do a search for the book on Amazon and purchase it.  It's been very helpful to me.


Posted By Sharon

I told you yesterday about changing things up a bit by purchasing the new domain and re-designing the website.  Believe it or not, it has turned into a much bigger task than I expected.  The first template I used didn't have the right feel so I tried another.  Terry didn't like that one.  So today I thought I'm starting over and downloaded a new program to use.  It has worked great and I feel like I'm making progress.  So you may be asking, "What's the problem?" Well, I'm not having one but my webserver is down. UGH!  So now I have to wait until they get their act together before I can proceed.  My goal over the next two months is to clean out some of the books that would sell well in a box lot to make room for new books.  Kind of spring cleaning I guess.  So hopefully tomorrow things will be better since I feel I'm finally on the right track.

Had dinner with two of my best friends tonight.  We try to get together once a month and I can't tell you how much fun we have.  If you're not taking time out for 'friend time' you have to do it!  There's nothing quite like it. :-)

Tip from Barcode Booty:  When looking for extra stock, try Ebay auctions.  I know I've mentioned before about timing the auction correctly but have you ever thought about auctions that may not do well because someone misspelled the item they've listed?  You can go to and use it to look them up.  I thought this was a great idea.  Who knows?  You might find that item you've been wanting for the right price!

Hope you've had a great day! What a blessing everyday can be when we seek God's face and know the love He has for us.


Posted By Sharon

Had an eye exam today and have a new pair of contacts...thus the title of  the blog. So why does it say "Sort of"? LOL! Because my eyes are still somewhat dialated!

I have a super eye doctor.  She's fun, caring, knowledgeable and we share a lot of the same beliefs.  So when I go for my appointment, it's almost like having time with a good friend.  Goodness, we even share email & web addresses! Crazy, huh?
Anyway while waiting for the appointment I read more in the Barcode Booty Book.  The chapter was about using professional apps but what got my attention was the explanation of how to use the Amazon rankings.  If an item is rated around 500,000 it is possible 1-2 of that item are selling a day.  If it ranks in the top 100, it means several are selling an hour.  No it's not an exact science but at least it gives you an idea of how long an item may stay listed before being sold if yours is in the lowest priced items.  Interesting.

I listed several books yesterday and plan to work in the office tonight.  There is sooooo much that needs researched and catalogued from last week.  I purchased a box of Corning Wear Lids.  My brother was with me & ask, "What do you want those for?"  My response, "Because people break lids and need replacements." He then had an A-ha' moment. :-)  I also bought some glassware, books & throws (not sure why about these).  As far as the glassware I think I'm going to make a section in the ebay store for it.  The Longaberger stuff is selling very well so I'm thinking this might work for it too.  I also have several pieces of costume jewelry to be listed. Another category? We'll see.

Praying you have a super weekend!


Posted By Sharon

I've read another chapter in this book and AGAIN I'm blown out of the water concerning the opportunities there are.  I've touched on the subject of reselling items that you buy at at a reduced price in a Brick & Mortar Store but what about reselling things you find at a discount on line? Whoo Hoo!  Now that's something that got my attention.

Have you ever checked out or Amazon's Gold Box for the day? What about or  Believe it or not, I have subscriptions to just these sort of things but never, I mean NEVER have considered looking up the actual cost or ranking of the item on Amazon or the sell through rate on Ebay.  Apparently I've been missing out on a lot of things, ya think?

Most of the deals I mentioned at the above sites are for 24 hours.  So if I get in on a 'deal' that's happening just today, I can sell the item when it arrives and not only make my money back but also a little extra cash.  Two things I'd like to caution you about.  Remember the sites you resell on charge fees AND unless the item you're purchasing has free shipping, you will need to account for this in your total investment.  It won't be a 'good deal' if you end up reselling the item for the same amount or less that you paid for it! So don't jump on every 'good deal' as a resell until you've done your homework.

Something else came to mind as I read this chapter.  We have a friend who knows the value of the dishes she sells on Ebay so she watches the other Ebay auctions closely.  Why? Not because she is stalking the competition but because there are factors in how well an Ebay auction will do.  #1) When do you list?  Listing throughout the middle of the week in the afternoon is usually a bad idea. Why? Because people are working and they are caught up in the "let's just get through until Friday" mentality.  Never list late at night on a week night for the same reason.  People have to get up the next morning!  So listing Saturday-Monday and having it come due by 10pm is usually the best time to list. #2) Our friend also watches titles, categories and descriptions.  If someone doesn't  use pertinent information in the title, is vague in the description or puts it under the wrong category, this increases the chance of getting the item for a lower cost.  So do your homework before you list or try using this method to acquire inventory.  In our friend's case, she purchases items from other Ebay sellers at a reduced cost and then relists the item.  Very seldom does she take a loss.

I'll try to get in some reading time another day this week so I can share more from this fascinating book. Until then I need to inventory items we purchased over the weekend, list a few books, prepare a few auctions, and whatever else comes my way.  As I've said before, "I love this life God has given me".  It's not about the money because obviously we aren't getting rich doing what we do. It's about having a rich life.... laying my head on the pillow at night and knowing it's been a great day even with the emotional ups & downs. How rich I am with family & friends and doing something I really enjoy.  I'm sure you are rich too! Take a moment and be thankful today.  God doesn't have to do anything extra for us because giving His Son was over the top. But for some strange reason, we are so loved that He does.  Take a minute and praise Him for your life.

Posted By Sharon

Recently I've begun reading the book Barcode Booty by Steve Weber.  A couple of weeks ago Amazon was offering this as one of the daily free books for Kindle (free app on my phone & laptop).  I had  been researching his books concerning online sales and been debating about purchasing one of them so needless to say, I jumped on this one. 

He began several years ago as a used online bookseller.  Sound familiar?  And even though he still loves selling used books today, he has found an additional way to make money online. BTW, this is his full time job.   I'm only on chapter 2 and can't believe how much info there is in this.  (I may end up buying it in paperback so I can highlight all the great info.) 

For him, the light bulb came on the weekend he & his family went to visit the in-laws.  He & his son made a trip to a toy store and of course, being one who is always looking for a good deal, he headed for the clearance section.  In this section, he came across a large inflatable robot that had been marked down over 75% and decided to use his Amazon scanner (free on iphone & droid) to see if it was a good deal.  Not only was it a good deal but the item was in the top selling ratings on Amazon and was going for 3 times what he would be paying.  He purchased them and sold them all in a timely manner.  From then on, he was hooked.  Of course he'd continue to go to book sales, auctions, yard sales and all his previous haunts but now he would begin watching deals everywhere he went.  His scanner was priceless!

I'm excited about this prospect.  Goodness, I think one of the first things my daughter could point out when we entered a store when she was little was 'the clearance' signs.  Wonder who taught her that? LOL!

I know we 're always looking for the unusual, collectible book or antique but wouldn't it be fun to expand the business?  I have several accessories for Longaberger Baskets in the Ebay store that are new, found at auctions and are selling.  These are out of production pieces.  What if I could find a great deal in a clearance area that although it's still selling, the Big Box Store needs to make room for the latest craze?  See where I'm going with this.  I'm not saying all things will be sellable but there will definitely be some.  That's why it's important to use the free apps that are available if you have a smart phone.  It's just like comparison shopping for items you want only in the reverse.  If it's a good deal and someone else is looking online for a better price, your item will be the one they buy.  A good experience for everyone!

I'll try to read another chapter or two over the weekend so I can give you more tips!  Who knows? You might want to buy the book too! :-) (Search Barcode Booty in the Amazon Box if you'd like a sneak peak of this book.)

Enjoy worshipping with your church family this weekend!